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Hi Friends! This is US! We are a full time family of 7 about to embark on an uncharted family adventure of a lifetime. After building a 7-Figure career with Isagenix, we’re taking that freedom around the world to travel and homeschool our kids from, well, anywhere! In the coming months we will be packing up and saying goodbye to our home here in Omaha. As much as the idea of having this baby in an AirStream along the coast somewhere sounds fun, we will settle for a couple of months to welcome this sweet boy into the world. Meanwhile, we are breaking ground in Spokane Washington on our dream home, leaving wide open spaces for adventure until early 2020. While we may be stateside for the short term, we are ready to take on the world one destination at a time. 4 short years ago, we were a struggling military family. Today, my CFO and I are hand in hand building a dream life that we can only wish to share with whoever dreams big enough. It will be mess. Lessons will be learned. But, our hearts are calling us to go. To the friends we have yet to find, we can’t wait to meet you. To our incredible team, we can’t wait to see you. To our family, 1,000x thank you!! And to you dreamers, we can’t wait to dream with you. See you soon!

All our love,

The Anchored Family


“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”


— Hebrews 6:19

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“A simple hello could lead to a million things.”



Hello, new friends. John, here – current CFO to Anchored Enterprises. I retired from the Marine Corps in 2016 after just under 16 years of service as a Field Artillery Office Marine. To know me is to know my love for God, my unwavering dedication to my family, and my passion for leadership. My wife, Laura, drastically changed our trajectory a few years back, and, together, we are navigating this new path. I am working on a few projects that speak to life after the mIlitary, navigating family life, and understanding the millionaire mindset. Miller (our son) and I will also be carving out time to pen our first book - a father-son devotion that we hope will help bring families closer to God. My hopes for this next adventure are simple : Wherever we land, teach and give back. Wherever we visit, leave it better than we found it. Wherever my wife steps, hold her hand and help her navigate. Faith, Fidelity, Impact, and Service are my pillars to live by, and I plan to bring them everywhere we go. Hope to meet you soon.



Hello, friends! I’m Laura – a health- and heart-driven Mompreneur with big dreams and an even bigger drive. Just 4 short years ago, I wasn’t living in the world I wanted for our growing family, so I made the choice to change it. My husband, John, supported us for many years with his courageous military career, and, for that, I’m forever thankful. I still found us a bit broken by deployments and moves, so I set off on my Network Marketing adventure with a fire in my belly. It didn’t come easy. I built a 7-figure business while raising, at the time, 3 kids. Once God put this mission in my heart, I never looked back. Today my days are full of calls, life-changing events, a gigantic community of talented people, and the freedom to parent my kids 24/7. We are now a soon-to-be family of seven, and shaking things up yet again. We plan to show our kids the world, give back, home-school, and meet the coolest people while leaving our footprints of love along the way. It may be messy, but it’s our mess, and I am so happy you chose to come along.


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Hi! I’m Scarlett – athlete, acrobat, and big sister extraordinaire. I love the spotlight (and it loves me!), and I have massive dreams of all shapes and sizes. I am determined to master anything that I can get my hands on, and right now that’s a basketball and a gymnastics bar. I can’t wait to dribble, swing, cartwheel, play, and sprint my way around the world, trying out new sports and making new friends. I adore adventure. Game on!



Jedi Master of my Bible and total boy, I’m Miller-Man, and devotion is my jam. I’m a piece of the inspiration behind my Dad’s new book, and I’m the (only!) other man of the house...FOR NOW!! I love Jesus. I love the Avengers. I, like, LOVE, love Star Wars, and, like any kid, I love to play. I can’t wait to lightsaber my way through this epic family adventure, and to show other kids just how cool it is to dream big with God.



Do you believe in magic? You should. Unicorns, too. I’m Juju, and my heart is a dreamer’s heart. I’m fine picking dandelions and dancing to my own beat, and I want to be a fairy princess artist who lives is a castle one day. My imagination is my super power, and my sisters are my best friends. I’m a middle kid living in a magical world. See it through my eyes and you’ll never have a bad day.



Dun dun DUN!!! Baby shark in all the right ways, I’m Vivi, and I’m the real boss around here, obviously. I may be the baby of the family (for now), but I can hang with the big kids with my best buddy Elmo by my side. I’m feisty and fearless, and I’m always on the go. I chase adventure. Try to keep up.

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